Bulk Haulage Systems

An integral part of today’s multi-drop loose materials delivery is the accuracy and reliability of onboard weighing / measured delivery technology. While breakdown may not cause delivery / collection failure in it’s own right, failure can cause a serious headache for both logistics and materials allocation onsite. Our mobile engineers and yard based staff are able to intervene quickly and replace damaged or faulty components allowing lorries to continue with deliveries in the shortest period possible.

We also plan servicing and undertake routine maintenance of weighing systems at our yard. Faulty vehicles are also welcome to drop in to our Cullompton depot for repairs where service / system maintenance is less urgent.

In addition to delivery systems we are also pleased to provide labour saving and health and safety conscious solutions for load sheeting. Our partnership with Dawbarn Evertaut enables us to provide 1st class automatic sheeting systems for topload lorries – particularly those operating in quarrying and waste management environments where cab operated systems are essential by law.