About us

BULKGEAR is a specialist haulage engineering business providing dedicated engineering assitance to clients across the South of England since 1979.

The company was originally started by Derald Cutler as a one-man-band mobile engineering business catering specifically for the rapidly growing bulk feed ‘blowing’ business.

Bulkgear continued to provide a quality mobile service to the feed haulage industry for many years, but as with many small businesses Bulkgear was limited in it’s capabilities purely by it’s small size…

In 1992 Alan and Carol Sage saw a great opportunity to take Bulkgear from a small one-man-band mobile business to a complete one-stop-shop for commercial vehicles and larger multi vehicle clients. They acquired the business with a view to expanding operations and to providing enhanced services to the ever growing bulk haulage fleet in the Southern UK area.

Finding the business in need of fixed location to complement the mobile service the team moved their heavy-side operations into workshops in Willand, not far from Cullompton. The new workshop rapidly reached capacity and – although well positioned – the unit was replaced with significantly improved facilities and location at the business’ new head quarters in Longbridge Meadow – Cullompton.

Unfortunately due to long term health issues Alan Sage passed away in 2007; Jon Sage (his son), took on full-time management in 2004 but became┬áProprietor – replacing his father – in 2008.

Jon started working with his father in 1992 and has truly grown up with the business – while his fathers’ plans will remain at the heart of Bulkgear’s activities, Jon has big ideas for the development and future success of the firm and will continue to lead Bulkgear into the next 30 years of success…

…Bulkgear will continue to provide services to the bulk feed sectors as long as our clients require – and, as the company (and haulage markets) develop, new services will be added and enhanced to complement the ever increasing requirement for highly skilled fabrication, mechanical, hydraulic & pneumatic engineers.